Alpine Climber

This alpine climber received a Preferred rate on term insurance - saving a bundle of money.

Steve did a great job for me finding a policy that was almost 1/2 the price I was quoted by other insurance brokers.

It is frustrating to see the rates sky rocket because a company views being a rock or alpine climber as extremely dangerous.

Steve shopped my information around and found a reputable company that gave me a good priced policy. Plus, it was easy to work with him, being available via email or phone.

Richard K.


Are you an alpine climber?

As an alpine climber, you approach life with an eye toward assessing danger.

Life insurance companies take the same approach. Moreover, carriers specialize in particular risks. The key to finding affordable coverage is knowing which carriers want to compete for the climbers market.

To request Steve's assistance in exploring your options, please use our one-page life insurance quote form. Or feel free to use email or call (866) 633-1818, toll-free.

Put our expertise to work for you. Enjoy your alpine climbing with peace of mind.

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Client Profiles...

Gary has been Hep C
positive for 20 years.

Charles has elevated Liver Enzymes and triglycerides too.

L.B. has a rare liver disease, in addition to Crohns Disease.

Todd's Ulcerative Colitis was treated through surgery.

Ben learned that Diabetic Adults can pay surprisingly low premiums.

Sue found affordable coverage for her son, one of millions of Diabetic Children in the USA.

Don was given a Diabetes Diagnosis only very recently.

James has Insulin-dependent Diabetes.

Shelley found a better policy, even with Scleroderma.

Donna's young son has an Epileptic Seizure disorder.

Barbara is recovering from Substance Abuse and depression.

Richard is an Alpine Climber, who was frustrated by sky rocketing rates.

Bob is a Rock Climber, who plays as hard as he works.

Scott is an Extreme Sports enthusiast, and a small business owner.

Richard wanted an underwriter to understand, he mostly does occasional Bouldering.

Philip loves Foreign Travel and needed extra care in underwriting.

Jimmy had a legal deadline, typical of Divorce Settlements.