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Spiritual Business Practices: The Power of Saying “Thank You” (10/11/2017) - If you do a quick search online for “secrets to success,” you’ll end up with a massive list of tips with everything from having vision to taking risks. But in my previous article on spiritual business practices, we learned from success guru Steve Siebold that “Faith in God, a higher power, or an infinite intelligence […]
Taking a Knee – for the Free Market (10/10/2017) - The hot controversy over NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem, has an angle that has been under- played, but which is nonetheless crucial. It deals with the corporate responsibility – or lack thereof – of the league. Consider the following: The starting salary for an NFL player is almost $500,000 per year. […]
Does Your Life Insurance Need Special Handling? Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions (10/2/2017) - If you have ever purchased a life insurance policy or even just researched the requirements to start the process, you probably had many questions along the way. Obtaining life insurance can be a difficult endeavor with numerous challenges that arise when going through prequalification and underwriting, which we discussed in Parts One and Two of […]
Spiritual Business Practices: The Connection to Faith (9/26/2017) - When you hear the word, “spiritual,” what comes to mind? The concept of spirituality has taken on a wide variety of meanings, ranging from new age and esoteric to traditional religion to Eastern philosophy. The common theme running through all these examples is that of the human soul, something beyond the material and physical world […]
How does borrowing against a persons life insurance policy work if you are the beneficiary? (9/26/2017) - Only the owner has the rights to the cash in the policy. If you are not the owner of her policy, then you will have no access. I am sure… Read More

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You can learn more about life insurance products and the life insurance industry:

Inside The Industry.  What you need to know about the life insurance marketplace and products. My humble commentary on political, legal, and economic trends that affect the industry.

Winning The Life Insurance Game. How to make the application process work for you. My advice for people with specific risk factors, such as tough medical conditions and extreme hobbies, on how to get coverage at a reasonable rate.

The Conscious Consumer.  Thoughts on why people buy – or postpone buying – life insurance. I often call upon studies of neuroscience, psychology, religion, and spirituality to explain consumer behavior.

Partners Are People, Too.  Spouses, life partners, and business partners need to cooperate on financial matters, especially regarding sensitive topics such as life insurance. Here I offer some of the fruits of over 30 years of happy marriage 🙂 to help your decision-making dynamics run more smoothly.

Know Your Broker. The life insurance salesman must really be a “renaissance man”…part business owner, part financial professional, part spiritual guide. I want to share with you a few things about myself, my company, and my life.

Business Owners.  An exploration of the many uses business owners have for life insurance.

Honoring Your Parents.  Looking to the future through our past.  Take a closer look at lessons from our parents’ thoughts and decisions.

Spiritual Business Practices.  Examining how spiritual growth can take place while you conduct business.



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