Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF

As an independent life insurance broker, I specialize in helping people considered high risk and uninsurable.

Please take advantage of our unique prequalification service -- and receive an accurate and reliable life insurance quote without a formal application.

"Why no formal application?"

You will feel secure, because your application history is protected from the risk of a declination or rating. No jeopardy.

You will plan with confidence, because you already know the outcome before you submit the application. No surprises.

You will save time, because you apply only with carriers expressing an active interest in competing for your business. No wasted time.

Please take a moment and read our clients' testimonials.

"As a consumer, prequalification makes sense to me."

Your next step is to request a life insurance quote.

You can expect a return phone call, within one or two business days. I will walk you through a "fact finding" conversation, to develop your risk profile for the underwriters. Typically, this conversation lasts 10 to 15 minutes, although I'm always ready to stay longer, to answer any questions you might have.

Please feel free to email me or call me toll-free, at (866) 633-1818, should you have any questions.

Best wishes for health and success,

Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF

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Steven Kobrin, LUTCF, is life insurance licensed in DC and 48 states. Residents of Hawaii and Alaska should NOT request a life insurance quote. Use of this web site indicates understanding of these statements.

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