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Does Your Life Insurance Need Special Handling? More Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions (11/4/2017) - There are some things in life that seem so complicated that we often completely avoid them. In our Special Handling series, my goal is to make sure life insurance doesn’t fall into that category. I will answer some common questions and address concerns that come up in the life insurance process. In Part 3, we […]
Answers to High-Risk Life Insurance Questions (10/31/2017) - Do you have questions about obtaining life insurance if you are considered higher risk? Read More
If I receive a life insurance payment and then I give some of that money to other relatives, will they be taxed on it? (10/31/2017) - This is an easy question for your accountant. Run it past them and confirm the answer is no. They’re doing your taxes any way, and this should be a topic… Read More
What type of life insurance policy should I buy? (10/24/2017) - Here are the five factors that you need to know when making a decision to buy life insurance. If you follow them all, you can be sure to make a… Read More

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You can learn more about life insurance products and the life insurance industry:

Inside The Industry.  What you need to know about the life insurance marketplace and products. My humble commentary on political, legal, and economic trends that affect the industry.

Winning The Life Insurance Game. How to make the application process work for you. My advice for people with specific risk factors, such as tough medical conditions and extreme hobbies, on how to get coverage at a reasonable rate.

The Conscious Consumer.  Thoughts on why people buy – or postpone buying – life insurance. I often call upon studies of neuroscience, psychology, religion, and spirituality to explain consumer behavior.

Partners Are People, Too.  Spouses, life partners, and business partners need to cooperate on financial matters, especially regarding sensitive topics such as life insurance. Here I offer some of the fruits of over 30 years of happy marriage 🙂 to help your decision-making dynamics run more smoothly.

Know Your Broker. The life insurance salesman must really be a “renaissance man”…part business owner, part financial professional, part spiritual guide. I want to share with you a few things about myself, my company, and my life.

Business Owners.  An exploration of the many uses business owners have for life insurance.

Honoring Your Parents.  Looking to the future through our past.  Take a closer look at lessons from our parents’ thoughts and decisions.

Spiritual Business Practices.  Examining how spiritual growth can take place while you conduct business.



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