Yes, the rich DO pay their fair share.

797499450_8d782a99cdI spend a lot of time helping “rich” people protect what is valuable to them. Do you know what many of them hold dear? The welfare and prosperity of their families. The continued success of their businesses. Their key executives. Their rank-and-file employees. The numerous charities and good causes they support. Life insurance gets the job done quickly and efficiently in every one of these cases. And you know what? You don’t have to be rich for these things to be valuable to you. Even a poor man wants his family to have the best of everything.

All too often “rich people” are targeted by politicians as the bad guys. They claim that society will be “better” once everyone else has some of what these guys have. They pledge to use the the power of their administration to make these “exploitative villains” pay their “fair share.”

No thanks.

UCLA Professor of Economics Leo Ohanian has a short and sweet presentation proving that the rich already pay their fair share. And more. It is showcased on Prager University, and runs under five minutes.

Check it out. Here are some highlights to get you started:

There are not so many “rich” people out there.

Even the top 5% of income earners don’t make the big money that everybody talks about, let alone the top 10%.

The top 1% has paid their dues.

The vast majority of these people did not get a free lunch. They took on enormous risk, spent many years working hard, and paid enormous debt to get to where they are. No reason to begrudge them what they have.

The rich people already pay more than their fair share.

The people that make most of the income already pay most of the taxes – and disproportionately so. If you really wanted the tax system to be more fair, you would tax them less and make a lower wage earners pay more, at least in terms of percentage of income.

High tax rates stifle economic growth.

If you tax rich people too much, they will invest less. Start fewer businesses. Reduce the size of their existing businesses. And that means cutting jobs. The rich would still be OK. But who do you think would suffer?

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