This week’s feature: “It takes a Network”.

This is the second in a series of articles describing what the Global Insurance Portal is all about.

In our last article, we discussed the mandate of filling the insurance gap for our clients. How do we help them purchase the wide variety of products they need?

Financial professionals and institutions have come up with a variety of ways to establish themselves as a “one-stop supply house” for their clients. Brokers will become licensed and trained in selling multiple products. Brokerages, banks, and advisory firms will set up multiple product departments. Agencies that distribute one product line, will form strategic partnerships with others who distribute complementary products.

These models do help the client – to a point. But inevitably, they fall short. One broker, one agency, and even one association of agencies can’t keep up with the ever-expanding universe of products and expertise needed by our clients.

My solution to this problem has been to think outside the box – to put aside the notion of forming one organization to be the provider of all the products to my clients. Instead, I have decided to form a network – an association of loosely-connected providers, some with formal relationships, others with informal relationships, that span the spectrum of providers along the total insurance distribution chain, from specialist brokers to reinsurers.

It’s actually an “organization of organizations” – a global insurance portal.

Such a network gives me access to the whole wide wonderful world of the insurance industry, with all the resources my clients need:

Specialists in every product line…

Experts in niche products for specific consumers…

Agencies who provide multiple coverages in multiple states and multiple countries…

Elite distributors of proprietary products of exceptional value…

Excess-market carriers with unique products and underwriting propositions…

Consulting firms, insurers and reinsurers who can create customized products for distinctive applications.

I will elaborate further on how this network operates in the next article,  “Ensemble team service.”

Our friend and colleague George Bailey runs a radio show that is committed to financial education for children. This is a truly noble mission because nothing is more important than giving the next generation the proper values and mindset for financial success.

George was kind enough to interview me recently. We talked about my own childhood and career, and the message I would like to send to upcoming consumers of financial products. He conducted a very professional interview, and we both enjoyed it immensely. I think you will too. Here’s the link:



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