This week’s feature: The Grinder Gets It Done

Prequalification is the process through which the insurance service team makes sure the client gets exactly what they want. The Grinder member of the team is the one responsible for leading that effort.

As a review, here are the members of the team, simply put:

The Finder: the marketer who finds the prospect, and sets the stage for the sale;
The Grinder: the back-room specialist who takes charge of prequalification, and generates quotes;
The Binder: the expert who closes the sale;
The Minder: the rep who provides service, and stays in touch with the client.

In actuality, these individuals are often not solo performers, but serve as the leaders of teams who fulfill the sale.

Here are a few examples:

When the client is a diabetic applying for life insurance through a broker, the Grinder is a general agent who specializes in higher-risk cases. He works through his underwriting contacts to get commitments to the best underwriting they can offer, and then manages the underwriting process to get an approval at the rate quoted. He has a team of case managers, exam companies, third-party service providers, and home office personnel all collaborating on the underwriting process under his tutelage.

When the client is a new homeowner shopping on line for low-cost term insurance to protect her mortgage, the Grinder is actually artificial intelligence embedded in the purchasing platform! This software prequalifies, quotes, underwrites, and approves the application automatically!! Of course, there is a vast team of technical and sales personnel in the wings to intervene as necessary.

When the client is a family that has received a large settlement from a corporate lawsuit, the Grinder is a financial planner with expertise in structuring settlements. His Grinding Team includes a staff of accountants, attorneys, wealth managers, and product specialists who collaborate on setting up the plans and products needed to meet the dreams and goals of the client.

Our friend and colleague George Bailey runs a radio show that is committed to financial education for children. This is a truly noble mission because nothing is more important than giving the next generation the proper values and mindset for financial success.

George was kind enough to interview me recently. We talked about my own childhood and career, and the message I would like to send to upcoming consumers of financial products. He conducted a very professional interview, and we both enjoyed it immensely. I think you will too. Here’s the link:



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