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A virtual insurance department for agencies

and firms with clients who need life, disability,

long-term care insurance, and fixed annuities

You can provide additional financial products to your clients, and generate significant passive commission and override income, without increasing overhead or deviating from your core product or service.


  • Professional financial consultants provide high-end, personalized service to every client you refer.
  • These consultants coordinate a team of underwriters, product specialists, and case managers who work with one of the nation's largest insurance wholesalers. Your clients will have access to virtually every company and product in the brokerage marketplace.
  • Clients in all 50 states can be serviced.
  • Your financial representatives retain client control, and receive half the commission simply for the referral.
  • Your agency receives override compensation on all the commissions they earn.
  • Attorneys, accountants, and financial planners assist on advanced case design at no charge to your representative or their client.

Ideally suited for these firms:

  • Banks
  • Captive life insurance agencies
  • Employee benefit firms
  • Final expense agencies
  • Financial planning firms
  • Health insurance agencies
  • Independent insurance brokers
  • Investment advisory firms
  • Property and casualty agencies
  • Senior insurance / medicare supplement agencies
  • Stock brokerages
  • Wealth management firms