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Life insurance for men and women who represent a higher

underwriting risk due to health, lifestyle,

personal record, or other factors.

You can purchase a competitively-priced policy through a highly specialized “impaired risk” brokerage and consulting team


  • Virtually all underwriting risks can be covered.
  • Face amounts range from $100,000 to $100 million plus.
  • All applicants are prequalified for coverage, so applications can be approved at the rate quoted.
  • A senior financial consultant provides personalized, high-end service to every client, to ensure satisfaction.
  • Attorneys, accountants, and financial planners are available to help design complicated policies, at no charge.

Ideally suited for applicants who represent
risks such as these:

  • Addictions: Recreational drugs; prescription drugs; gambling; alcohol; sex
  • Application history: Declined or rated on prior applications
  • Citizenship/residency: Non-US citizen; temporary US resident; foreign resident with business or financial ties in the US; US citizen living or traveling abroad
  • Criminal record: Charges; convictions; time served; probation
  • Face amount: Extraordinarily high face amount; multiple policies; multiple carriers
  • Occupation: Higher-risk job duties; environment; workplace
  • Owner/beneficiary designations: Charitable giving; corporate-owned; trust-owned; third-party involvement
  • Travel: Job-related; leisure; missionary
  • Financial record: Bankruptcies; liens
  • Health issues: Includes everything from the neurological to the psychological; from immune system deficiencies, to build/weight
  • Hobbies/avocations: Rock climbing; mountain climbing; scuba diving; parachuting; extreme sports; and many other adventurous pursuits
  • Medical exam issues: Aversion to needles; hard to draw blood
  • Medical records issues: No current records available; inconsistencies and inaccuracies in medical records
  • Motor vehicle record: Excessive points; license suspensions; DWI
  • Policy funding: premium financing; corporate sponsorship; sale of existing policies