“A tour of the insurance platforms you can access through our portal”

Here are the insurance brokerage, consulting, and support services you can access through our portal. Each one features an ensemble cast of experts and specialized operations personnel.

As our network grows, we continue to build new platforms. Stay tuned for updates!


** One-stop insurance shopping, on a global basis, to secure the assets and investments of your firm, and the firms of your portfolio clients.

You can purchase virtually all the insurance policies needed to cover directors, officers, executives, key personnel, plants, equipment, and all liabilities. Coverages are available for foreign corporations and executives, as well as those based in the US.


** Concierge insurance brokerage and consulting services for estate and business planning.

You will receive high-end, personalized expert assistance in meeting all your insurance needs related to estate preservation, estate equalization, business planning, legacy planning, and charitable giving.



** Life insurance for men and women who represent a higher underwriting risk due to health, lifestyle, personal record, or other factors.

You can purchase a competitively-priced policy through a highly specialized “impaired risk” brokerage and consulting team.



** Personalized purchasing assistance for individual life, disability, and long-term care insurance, and fixed annuities.

You will receive high-end, personalized sales assistance from a professional financial consultant, with access to virtually every company and product in the brokerage marketplace.



** Complete insurance services for CPA firms of all sizes.

Both your staff and your clients can receive top-of-the-line insurance consulting and brokerage services from an industry leader.



** Insurance policies customized for corporate directors, officers, and executives.

You can indemnify your corporation against potential losses due to death, disability, legal and fiduciary misconduct, and public disgrace/adverse media exposure.



** Disability insurance policies customized for physicians and surgeons.

You can secure your earnings, and that of your professional practice, through a combination of traditional and special market policies.



** Direct-to-consumer term life insurance purchasing platform for organizations with online services and products for clients, customers, and members.

Your company or organization can offer members or customers the opportunity to purchase term life insurance when going online to purchase your own products or services.



** A virtual insurance department for agencies and firms with clients who need life, disability, long-term care insurance, and fixed annuities.

You can provide additional financial products to your clients, and generate significant passive commission and override income, without increasing overhead or deviating from your core product or service.



** Concierge brokerage services for brokers selling individual life, disability and long-term care insurance, and fixed annuities.

You can receive superior compensation and back-office support from one of the largest distributors in the country, in terms of premium written: advanced case design; priority case handling; expedited application entry/case status; strong underwriting advocacy; in-house APS ordering and review; top commissions; and fast-track commission processing.



** Concierge brokerage services for brokers selling Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements.

You can receive complete sales, marketing, training, administration, and compliance support from one of the nation’s top wholesalers.



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