Should I Take An Exclusion For “Risky Activities”?

font-illustration-letter-q_MJMrdDjdEvery life insurance policy that I’ve looked at required an answer to the “risky activities” question; even if they didn’t ask in the initial forms, they asked it later on. I chose not to lie and was denied coverage when I applied. The best offer I’ve gotten is a policy with an exclusion for the risky activity, rock climbing. Should I take the policy? Could I have refused to answer the question in the first place?

font-illustration-letter-a_z1zZ_wsOIf you need coverage now, you should take the policy with the exclusion. This way, you will be sure to provide for your dependents. In the meantime, you can shop for a company that will price you reasonably without an exclusion. They do exist. Under all circumstances, you should go through full disclosure. This will strengthen your credibility, and avoid problems at the time of claim.

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