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The world of life insurance can be pretty complicated.

I really enjoy helping consumers navigate that complex world. (Who am I?)

Here are some resources that will help you in your quest to get affordable life insurance.

1. My free guide – “How To Get Great Life Insurance Rates”

paperbackstack_430x430I wrote this guide in order to teach consumers like you how they can get affordable & reliable life insurance quotes – and have life insurance carriers compete over their business – at no risk and at no extra cost.

What’s inside the guide:

An Introduction To Life Insurance

  • A Peek Behind The Underwriting Curtain

The Prequalification Process

  • Why Get Prequalified?
  • The Basic Steps
  • What Rates Are Possible?

Choosing Your Life Insurance Broker

and much, much more!

2. Educational articles – “Life Insurance 101”

The life insurance marketplace and the underwriting process each have a certain logic to them. It’s important to understand how things work. In order to avoid costly mistakes, you need to know what insurers are looking for in the first place. You need to know how to work with underwriters instead of against them. You need to know what the different options are throughout the process.

Additionally, it’s a myth that diabetics, cancer survivors, individuals who test positive for hepatitis or HIV, and other “risky” applicants can’t get great rates on life insurance. Everyone can be insured without breaking the bank. All it takes is finding the right broker.

Life Insurance Basics:

PrequalificationChoosing a BrokerGetting Good RatesTerm versus Permanent Life Insurance, Compare Quotes

Life Insurance Needs:

Wealth TransferMortgage ProtectionKey Person Insurance

Medical Issues:

CancerDepression and SuicideDiabetes and Term Life InsuranceElevated Liver EnzymesHepatitis CScleroderma

Lifestyle Factors:

Military ServiceRock Climbing

3. Have a question? Ask The Expert!

Over my decades in the business, I’ve been asked all kinds of questions about life insurance. (You can see my answers to previous questions on this blog and on Quora.)

I’m happy to answer any of your questions about life insurance. If you have a short question, you can use the Tweet button below. If you have a longer question, or would rather not ask publicly, you can also submit a question directly.


Want to learn more?
Read my free guide, How To Get Great Life Insurance Rates and learn how you can get life insurance companies to compete for your business, at no risk or extra cost.