Should You Wait to Get Married?

downloadBack when I got married, it seemed that young people for the most part followed this path:

Find the right girl (or guy)

Get married

Start a family

Get a house – or get on the road to buying a house some day.

Along the way, they would, of course, buy life insurance.

Today, it seems that this is less of a trend. From a business point of view, this is no big deal. Single people can still buy life insurance. Single parents can still buy life insurance. Domestic partners can still buy life insurance. Being married is certainly not a precondition to buying a policy.

But I wonder why fewer people seem to be tying the knot? Dennis Prager addresses this topic in a thought-provoking article on his website. Here are some of his very interesting conclusions:

You don’t have to be in love to get married.

If you wait until you are older to get married, you do not decrease the possibility of getting divorced.

It makes no sense to wait until you earn more money.

There is no such thing is “feeling ready.” You “act married,” then you’ll “feel married.”

This perspective seems to be contrary to common thinking, don’t you think? Tell me whether you agree or disagree, and why. PS: in the interest of full disclosure, I got married at age 26 and last year celebrated my 32nd wedding anniversary. My father got married at age 32 and had been married almost 58 years when he passed away.

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