Our Country Needs a Policy Audit

policy audit

by Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF

In the life insurance business, we promote the practice of obtaining a policy audit on a regular basis. As that policy serves as the bedrock of your financial security, you need to make sure it is still performing as expected.

Why? Because things change. Life changes. The circumstances that were in place when you originally bought the policy very likely have changed. For one, better deals may be available in the marketplace. Or perhaps your needs have changed, and the face amount and guarantee period have to be adjusted. You may now require coverage on your spouse, kids, new business partner, or key corporate personnel.

Makes sense, right? Of course it does.  It’s all a matter of keeping your finances strong.

Medical practitioners have been promoting the idea of a “health policy audit” for years. That’s why we get annual check-ups. We may learn that we need to adjust our diet, exercise routine, or frame of mind.

Makes sense, right? Of course it does.  It’s all a matter of keeping your health strong.

My father used to call it planning your work and working your plan — staying in touch with your core mission and making the changes needed to stay on track. Financial success experts suggest it and human development gurus advocate it.

Now here’s the question: when was the last time you heard a politician call for a policy audit?

These men and women set policies that affect the life of every citizen, as well as the nation as a whole. Foreign relations. Immigration. Environment. Energy. Jobs. National unity. What they do impacts the lives of over 300 million people, not to mention the lives of billions of others across the globe. We are, after all, the United States of America – a supposed world leader.

You would think that these people in Washington – more than anybody – would know the importance of auditing the policies they design and implement. When they get it right, great things can happen the world over. But when they get it wrong, bad things can happen the world over.

At the very least, these people owe us a policy audit on an annual basis. The State of the Union should really be a leadership self-assessment to make sure we are still on track. What’s working? Leave it alone. What’s not working? Get rid of it. Try again.

When you and I mess up, it could impact our own lives. Our families. Businesses. Communities. It is incumbent upon us to learn from our mistakes, put fixes in place, and move on. For the better. We can’t get away with denying problems and whitewashing the picture. It all hits too close to home. A good, hearty, policy audit of the way we run our lives is the least we owe the people who depend on us.

Our politicians owe us the same thing, big time. We should all be reassured that the government is in good hands.

Makes sense, right? Of course it does. It’s all a matter of keeping our nation strong.

Thank God we have elections. Maybe next time we’ll get leaders who know they owe us a policy audit.

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