Personalized purchasing assistance

for Medicare Supplements

You will receive high-end, personalized sales assistance from a specialist in these products with one of the nation’s leading brokerages in the senior insurance marketplace.

Finding the right Medicare Supplement Plan doesn’t have to be difficult.


  • Your personal financial consultant will help you choose the product most appropriate for your needs and budget
  • Plans from many top-rated companies are available
  • Your application will be expedited by in-house case managers to assure prompt delivery of your policy
  • Clients in all 50 states can be served
  • Companion products are available, including include dental, cancer, hospital indemnity, home health, and final expense

Ideally suited for:

Seniors, their families, and professional advisors:

  • Men and women planning for their retirement years
  • Employees on group medical plans who reach Medicare eligibility
  • Former participants in group plans who now need to find their own coverage
  • Adult children of seniors helping their parents obtain policies
  • Attorneys specializing in elder law, Social Security benefits, and other services for seniors
  • Financial planners and wealth managers helping their clients plan for retirement
  • Large group insurance brokers with participants reaching Medicare eligibility

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