Partner With Somebody Just Like You

Let’s suppose you are a property and casualty insurance agency. Your brokers do a fine job of selling their clients homeowners, auto, and other personal lines. They do right by their clients: they shop for pricing from multiple carriers, and employ a consultative sales process through which the most appropriate product is recommended to each client. Exceptional value is delivered, and exceptional value is appreciated in the form of repeat sales and referrals.As a matter of fact, the level of service you provide when your clients purchase your products is so effective, your clients start asking about the availability of additional products. What about commercial policies? Life insurance? Disability? Long term care insurance? Annuities?Here’s where things can get tricky. You certainly would want to help your clients purchase the additional coverages they need. And, you certainly would like to make some money in the process, if at all possible. How do you make this happen?It’s almost easier to look at what you wouldn’t want to do, as opposed to what you would want to do. You wouldn’t want to burden your salespeople with the responsibilities involved in becoming experts in additional product lines. How much product knowledge can they really attain and still keep up with the changes in their own product line? What about underwriting standards? Carrier hotspots? Compliance and other regulatory requirements?

No, the thing to do is form a strategic partnership with an agency whose sales staff retains expertise in products that complement your own. They are independent, just like you. They are professional consultants, just like you. They are experts in their field, just as your brokers are experts in your field. They uphold the same superior standard of client service you do.

When we match agencies affiliated with the Global Insurance Portal, these are the kinds of matches we make. It’s a win-win-win strategy for all involved.


Our friend and colleague George Bailey runs a radio show that is committed to financial education for children. This is a truly noble mission because nothing is more important than giving the next generation the proper values and mindset for financial success.

George was kind enough to interview me recently. We talked about my own childhood and career, and the message I would like to send to upcoming consumers of financial products. He conducted a very professional interview, and we both enjoyed it immensely. I think you will too. Here’s the link:


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