Our Satisfied Clients

After meeting with Steve by phone to answer some preliminary and administrative questions, Steve took care of the rest…It was an easy, no pressure experience.

Chris, Virginia

Steve knows the markets, which is evidenced by the low rates I received for my term life insurance…I would highly recommend Steve to anyone.

Chris, Texas

Steve Kobrin is our “top gun” for insurance.

Michael, New Jersey

I have used Steve — three times — to help me obtain life insurance coverage…Each time, he has come through and gotten me the policy I wanted…

Peter, California

Steve made me feel he understood my situation and had my best interests at heart…he provided personal service of the first order.

“Mr. K,” New York

[Y]our office walked us through the process with little stress..thanks for making it easy.

Herbert, New Jersey

Steve has always delivered, helping me through the process…

Chris, Maryland

Steve provided the most comprehensive and suitable choices for my review…

Judy, New York

Steve made all the difference. He not only lived up to his reputation, but also has surpassed my expectations.

Robert, Delaware

I recommend Steve Kobrin’s services to anyone seeking an intelligent, knowledgeable, efficient advocate, when applying for life insurance.

John, California

The prequalification process was strategic, very structured, well processed, detailed, and very smooth. I would highly recommend Steve’s office to anyone.

Harry, Massachusetts

Steve made the process quick and painless…I trust Steve 100%.

Wayne, New Jersey

Steve worked with us for more than two years to find a company that would consider reviewing our request for a life insurance policy.  He kept searching until he found a company that made us an offer.

David and Marilyn, Ohio

When you receive your policy, good things will happen. You sleep deeper…And you add Steve to the list of people to whom you are most grateful.

K., California

Steve…goes out of his way to find the best deal for his customers.

Terry, Missouri

Thanks to Steven and his work, I was able to get insurance by the first company he tried at a very reasonable rate…Thank you Steven; this means the world to me and my family!

Barton, Maryland

Steve Kobrin has helped me with my insurance needs for the last 18 years…I highly recommend his services and expertise.

Stephen, North Carolina

Steve’s prequalification process was useful to get a sense of the cost of various options for life insurance…I felt like I was getting my hand held through the process, which was much appreciated.

Michelle, New Jersey

His prequalification process is simple, fast, and no hassle on our side…We always had answers to our questions right away. Thanks for your excellent work!

Weiru and Jenny, New Jersey

Steve Kobrin’s practice specializes in high-risk coverage, and he was equipped to handle the pre-qualification with multiple insurance carriers…I highly recommend Steve to anyone who has encountered similar difficulties in meeting their life insurance needs.

Rick, Texas

Dear Steve, You made prequalification simple and found me the policy I needed when no other agent could…when I was having difficulty with my bank lender, you stood behind me and communicated with the lender…You are always only a phone call or email away. You respond promptly to any questions or concerns. You are truly a life insurance agent a customer can trust to find coverage for themselves, no matter how many times they’ve heard from other agents that they are not eligible for coverage.

J., California

The prequalification process was easy and straight forward…Steven’s service was excellent. He was on the ball, addressing all of my questions promptly and completely. It was a pleasure doing business with him!

Jim, Ohio

Steve handles his business with a customer-focused professionalism that I really appreciate.

Scott, Pennsylvania

The Prequalification process is very important, so that you do not waste time. It is straightforward and effective.

Alex, Texas

The Prequalification process was great. It went so smoothly.

Rekha, California

When I thought all hope was lost, Steve was able to get me the policy I wanted from a brand name insurance company.

Peter, California

The prequalification process was simple, and Steve kept us in the loop the whole way through…I never felt pushed into buying a more expensive policy. I got a sense of honesty and professionalism from Steve.

Jamie, New York

Great service. Very responsive and great delivery.

Lokesh, New Jersey

Steve Kobrin was reassuring; readily available and patient with my questions; clear with the information he provided; professional in his manner; and extremely prompt and regular with his communications each step of the way.

L., Pennsylvania

Steve Kobrin is a most honest, respectful and professional insurance agent.

Gloria, New Jersey

Steve is at all times professional. More than that, he does all he can to meet the needs of his clients and helps them to make very informed and appropriate decisions.

Diana, Illinois

Steve made everything simple for me to do. He guided me through the process, and helped me find the best insurance for me.

D., New York

Steve appears to live by Winston Churchill’s famous quote “never, ever, ever, ever give up.”

John, Tennessee

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Kobrin on several occasions. In every case he has exceeded my expectations.

Sam, New Jersey

The whole process was very smooth, and saved me lots of headaches and dollars.

M., New York

The prequalification was fast and easy to understand.  All questions and concerns were answered right away in a very professional manner.

Alon, New York

 Steve, you’ll never know the peace of mind your successful efforts have given me.

Buddy, North Carolina

Your level of service is very high and customer oriented, well done.

N., California

I would definitely recommend his services for anyone with a history of significant medical conditions.

D., Nevada

Your Prequalification service allowed me to understand the process better, while getting informed on my options. I enjoyed your experience and expertise, and I felt much better prepared to make an informed decision.  Your skilled guidance and prompt reminders helped me feel protected and taken care of.

Nev, California

Not only am I a satisfied client, but as a Financial Services Professional, I have had the pleasure of being able to utilize your outstanding service and underwriting expertise on behalf of my own clients.

Robert, New Jersey

[C]all Steve! You will be surprised what he can do for you.

Donald, North Carolina

I am very thankful that I was referred to you, because you made the process seem effortless and pain free.

April, Mississippi

If there is ANYONE out there searching for life insurance coverage for someone considered “high risk,” do not be discouraged, because there is someone out there who can help. That person is Steve Kobrin and I am so thankful that my husband and I found him.

A., New Jersey

Thanks Steve. A huge cloud has been lifted from our house. And from my head.

Kevin, Illinois

 Your prequalification process worked for me when regular applications did not…Steve — myself, my wife, and our business will always be grateful to you!

Jerry, California

Prequalification is the best way to go with getting insurance, and Steve is like a bird dog about getting things done, and on time, and that is good.

Larry, Mississippi

Steve is a broker and advocate…I turned to Steve in crisis, and I felt that he fought on my family’s behalf.

Robert, Pennsylvania

The prequalification process was very thorough, and it avoided duplicating work and wasting valuable time.

Monte, North Carolina

I don’t give praise unless it is warranted. Steven does a good job. My thanks to him.

Duane, Idaho

[O]ur doctors said that it would be impossible to get coverage but Steve found it for us.

Alex and Bob, Ohio

Thoughtful, client-driven processes set Steve apart from his competitors by a mile.  It’s one of the reasons I use Steve’s life insurance solutions for my clients; I know they will have a great experience.

Ryan, Washington

Not only were you able to obtain the policy, your prequalification process was simpler than all other agents/brokers that I spoke with.

Alan, New York

Steve’s prequalification process was very helpful. It saved on time for research as well as giving the feeling of having an expert at work for you. The service was excellent.

Clyde, DC

I myself am an insurance agent in Oregon with many years of experience, but I found Steve’s expertise in dealing with people who have some medical issues very valuable.

Mark, Oregon

I would never put my name behind a referral unless my heart was there also. Steve has gained my trust, my respect, my business, and my heart.

Peggy, Minnesota

As a veteran insurance agent myself, I am impressed with how Steve faithfully communicated with me throughout the underwriting process.

D., South Carolina

I could not have done this without Steve. I honestly don’t think I would own a life insurance policy today, were it not for him.  Thank you, Steven, for your wonderful skills, attitude, and knowledge of this specialized field, as well as your knowledgeable staff!

Kim, Texas

It is undeniable that Steve provides the highest level of service to his customers, and this sets him apart from all other Life Insurance professionals.

Sergey, New Jersey

The prequalification process was excellent…Steve was professional and no nonsense.

Gabriel, New Jersey


I recommend Steve to everyone, not just people who are traditionally classified as high risk.

Richard, Utah

Steve Kobrin was very instrumental in finding us affordable and reasonable coverage…My husband and I recommend Steve to anyone that is in need of affordable insurance.

Nancy, Texas

Thanks again for your consistently attentive service and attention to detail.

Tom, New Jersey

The prequalification process was very helpful without being too complicated or too much paperwork…And Steve is very friendly, helpful and easy to deal with.

S., Colorado

Steve was a great help and worked very hard to find a good company at a good rate.

Chris, Florida

Steve’s level of service helped to ensure that the coverage was exactly what was needed in terms of specific beneficiaries, and amounts of coverage.

Ed, New Jersey

You made the entire process very easy!

Bill, New Jersey

[Y]our prequal process went way past the label “climber” and drilled in on the type of climbing and my philosophy as a climber to get the best possible rate

Jared, Colorado

Your expertise in the life insurance field puts my mind at ease, knowing that with you I will get the best deal available.

J., California

You have given me and my family a peace of mind.

Goran, California

I got the life insurance I needed to protect my family, at a rate that I could afford.

Chris, Florida

You took the task upon yourself, led me through a process, and then performed your magic with the underwriters…you achieved what no one else could.

Allan, Virginia

It has been invaluable finding someone who will work for those of us most others consider uninsurable.

Judy, Kentucky

I wanted to tell you that I have never came across anyone as professional, as honest and as helpful as you! And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Ali, California

I received a great rate on my life insurance and your group walked me through every step of the way and made it very easy from my end.

Jim, Pennsylvania

I must say that working with you was a pleasure. I believe this is the best customer service we have received in a long time.

Alexis, Ohio

Simply put, your prequalification process was simple, transparent and painless. It’s a test-drive tool and I totally recommend it!

Shawn, New Jersey

After trying so many times to get insurance without a successful outcome, the Prequalification process gave us hope that – this time – getting life insurance might become a reality to us.  Prequalification gives you also an idea of how much it might cost you to get coverage – and how much you can afford to pay monthly/yearly – and how much coverage you need.

Antonio & Teresita, California

Steve obviously has knowledge of which insurers are more tolerant of different kinds of risks. Most important in the process was that he provided realistic expectations of what to expect and what coverage would be available.

M., Ohio

I had a past history of drug addiction and no one wanted to touch me even though I had turned my life around…I am so lucky that I found the best insurance agent for my circumstances and am grateful to him for the services he offers.

Bryan, Pennsylvania

Steve…provided a quick response to every query and made sure I understood the fine print.  I’m very happy with my product as well as with the service.

Jason, Nevada

[A]s the owner of a small business with many things competing for my attention, I really appreciated Steve’s work to complete all the forms and keep me on top of various paperwork deadlines.

Scott, California

You know, one of your competitors tried to sell me life insurance today and I just smiled. I said sorry, no thanks.
I will not go anywhere else but to your agency. You have built a reputation with me similar to how the US audience now looks at the Japanese automobiles for reliability.

Kevin, New Jersey

Steve’s prequalification process was quick, easy, and provided accurate and deliverable quotes.

Patrick & Amanda, California

The prequalification process was extremely helpful to me as a diabetic, by enabling me to look at different rates and possibilities before going through the full qualification process.

J., New Jersey

Your prequalification process was extremely thorough and very user friendly. You were available for questions any time of the day.

Gloria, New Jersey

We appreciate your services and you truly went the distance in both communication and representation of our life insurance needs.

Byron & Shauna, California

You were relentless in tracking down a company who was willing to take my case and I am so grateful for that.

L., Pennsylvania

Steve was very thorough from the beginning and I felt that he was looking for the best deal for us.

Luz, Florida

Just to get an idea of what other options were available to us, I went to an insurance web site that guaranteed lowest prices. I found that we were quoted the same price you quoted. Nice to know we could work with a person, rather than a web site, and not pay more.

Bonnie, New Jersey

Your prequalification process was Absolutely helpful to us, as consumers. We knew very little about this process and we learned quite a bit during the prequalification discussion.

Amy & Cindy, New Jersey

Steve was Great to deal with throughout- thorough, efficient and very knowledgable.

Jocelyn, New Jersey

The process was easily spelled out and took less time then stopping to get my morning cup of coffee. Steve was on the ball and kept me posted all along the way.

Tom, Nebraska

Your prequalification process was helpful to me because you actually delivered in the end on the insurance quotes you said up front that you thought you could deliver.

Richard, Colorado

 Steve is a rare breed in this day and age. I certainly do recommend him to anyone for their insurance needs. You won’t be disappointed.

Kelly, Washington

[Y]ou made it very simple for me to get the coverage I needed, with minimal effort on my part.

Matt, California

[M]y experience with Steve has been exemplary.

Philip, New York

Steve Kobrin is a stellar representative for tough cases. Trust him implicitly and you will wholeheartedly receive his best efforts–a life saver and money saver!

Catherine, Virginia

Compared to other insurance brokers we’ve worked with, your level of service is a vast improvement due to your knowledge in obtaining life insurance for persons with chronic health conditions.

Steven, New Jersey

The level of service is better than any other company I have experienced. They care about the client and are very helpful during the whole process.

Ben, Pennsylvania

Steve Kobrin’s service has been impeccable. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. His prequalification process was probably the only way in which I could have gotten coverage for me and my family.

R., Kentucky

After my first phone call with Steve, I knew that I had finally found what I was looking for — someone who would go to bat for me to find me the best coverage and rate. Steve not only talked a good game but he delivered.

Todd, Utah

I worked with an online company at first and felt like a number. Steve offered a personal touch that made all the difference.

Darran, New York

I was under a time pressure, and the fact that you Prequalified me allowed me to make my decision quickly without having to wait weeks for an insurance company.

Nathan, South Carolina

Steve Kobrin was always available and assisted me every step of the way.

Eric, Rhode Island

You, Steve, have fixed a problem for me that I was beginning to think was unfix-able. Thank you very much.

Val, Indiana

My experience with you for personal insurance was so well handled, that it was an easy decision to use you for our business insurance.

William, New Jersey

What impressed me most was the service you provided throughout each step of the process. Your communication was superb.

Mark, Indiana

While other brokers work with various insurance companies, Steve works for his clients, insuring them the best possible deal.

Jay, New Jersey

[Prequalification] ensured that I would qualify with the right company at the right rate. A very important step if you have any concerns over your insurability.

David, New York

Thank you so much for helping me get approved for my Life Insurance. The patience and effort you’ve shown me is all appreciated.

Jenalyn, California

Thank you for your persistence and your resourcefulness.

Michelle and Bob, Colorado

The prequalification process and the level of service we received were and still are superb. It made what we initially thought of as a very stressful process seem like a walk in the park.

Brian and Maria, New York

Thank you very, very much for all your help and information. You’re the answer to a prayer, and I’m sure you’ve heard that before from ‘hard-to-insure’ people like me.

Barbara, Illinois

Steve did a great job for me finding a policy that was almost 1/2 the price I was quoted by other insurance brokers.

Richard, Washington

Your service was just fantastic. I have never had such great service from any person whether in the insurance area or otherwise.

Alex, California

His prequalification process and level of attentive service is unmatched in the industry.

Peter, New York

I had given up on getting life insurance. Steve never gave up and worked hard to deliver results.

Rex, California

Unlike the big online companies that offered a great teaser quote than tried to sell me a different policy months later, Steve personally made sure I knew exactly what I was buying and that all my questions were answered.


The prequalification process was fast and friendly. I liked the fact that although personal/medical questions were asked, it didn’t seem like a series of invasive questions.

Joseph, Tennessee

Your unrelenting pursuit to get me the proper insurance has resulted in both satisfaction and peace of mind for me and my family.

Norman, New York

The prequalification process was great.

Raymond, Texas

Of all the brokers I’ve contacted for quotes, you spent the most time with me, and you were thorough and truthful as nobody else.

J., California

The service provided by Steve Kobrin was exceptional.

Sheila, New Jersey

We tried three agents before to get insurance, and nobody succeeded in helping us until you. Thank you.

Adele and Judah, New York

Throughout the process, Steve assisted us quickly with answers to our questions, forms, and communication with the lender. Steve’s agency also saved us money over other companies quotes.

Terry and Iwana, Missouri

Your service, follow-up and ethics were outstanding!

Juan, Florida

I would encourage anyone that has any health issues to contact you for insurance.

George, Connecticut

I had almost given up on obtaining life insurance. I now have the insurance I was looking for at an affordable price.

Tony, New York

Steve Kobrin is one of the most thorough and professional people I have dealt with.

David, New Jersey

These days business is so crazy, its hard to find someone that wants to help and give individualized attention. Steve went out of his way to make sure we received the information we needed.

Gene and Angela, North Carolina

I particularly like the prequalification process because it offers all the options up front and dramatically streamlines the decision making process.

Katharine, Pennsylvania

Your service doesn’t compare to others. With your service, you made us feel important and not just another policy.

Melissa, Texas

Prequalification gave me peace of mind through the whole process. It would be extremely beneficial for anyone seeking life insurance to go through the prequalification process.

Dan, California

You are indeed a great person to deal with, and in my mom’s case, you really went beyond to help her get life insurance.

Jane, New Jersey

I never thought I would be able to secure life insurance, but Steve was able to convince the carrier to accept the policy and at a very competitive rate.

Ken, Oregon

Prequalification was helpful because I knew I was facing an uphill battle in securing life insurance, and prequalification allowed me both to get an answer quickly and to know what sort of policy and fee I’d be qualified for.

J., Georgia

After having had a company-sponsored life insurance program for the past 15 years I had no idea of the difficulties or costs of purchasing life insurance. Steve walked me through the process and made sure I was kept informed at all times.

Rod, Minnesota

Through his hard work we were able to get more coverage (30% more!) than we originally planned…The premiums I pay as a diabetic are less than those paid by others I know who do not have chronic conditions.

Ben, Maryland

It is hard to purchase insurance for the inevitable but you made it all so easy. Thanks Again.

Tony and Mutemah, Missouri

This has been the best overall experience I have ever had with an insurance broker.

Dennis, California

His level of service was impeccable, with extremely quick and detailed responses to all of my questions.

James, New York

Your process and customer service are excellent and I hope to send you additional clients.

Lyssa, California

As a salesman with experience in marketing and customer service, I think your service is great!

Dave, South Carolina

I had been denied insurance from other companies, but you came through on the type of life insurance I wanted and the price was exactly as you quoted me.

Paul, California

I think your rates were very reasonable and held up exactly as quoted in the pre-qualification process.

David, California


Steve sold me what I needed, and what was best for me, not what was best for him. I wish he was the only insurance agent I had to deal with. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s the truth.

Don, Michigan

Steve is terrific. He walked me through every step.

Kathleen, Connecticut

I thought I would never get life insurance, but Steve came through and told me that I was covered.

Uyenthi, California

The prequalifying process eliminated the fear we had about [my son] being declined for coverage. My son was approved, and I am so thankful to know that I have this investment set up for him and his future family.

Donna, Indiana

I’ve never been able to feel as much trust with a broker before. When you helped me understand the market you would be working in, based on my own needs and parameters; then I began to appreciate how diligently you were working for me.

Kalman, New York

Your level of service was among the best I have received from any broker.

Pat, New Jersey

Thanks again, and please feel free to quote me to others who are sick of being rejected when they might give it one shot with you. Thanks again for making it easier to sleep knowing my family will be taken care.

Gary, Colorado

Steve has provided first-rate insurance and finance services to me for over 7 years now.

Chuck, New Jersey

I work for a large, regional insurance agency that provides life and health insurance services in addition to property/casualty insurance that I deal with. Even the people here in my office were unable to provide me with the efficient, professional service you provided.

Sue, Utah

Steve Kobrin is all about hard work, integrity and passion. He was simply fantastic.

Jeff, Connecticut


I ended up getting a $500,000 policy at a price I never even heard the other carriers mention. My family can rest secure in knowing I have a 15 year policy that will protect them through the most formative and critical years of their lives.

Charles, New York

His integrity and ability to “connect” and provide for the sometimes challenging needs of his clients are exemplary.

Sue, New Jersey

The service Steve offers is not only personal—it is professional.

Corey, Florida

You proved to me that there still is hope for the insurance consumer.

Jimmy, New York

Steve Kobrin was extremely helpful in getting me the insurance I needed. The process was smooth and he was able to work with me where others were not able.

Jeff, Illinois

He was able to provide me with the right coverage, at a fair price, that I could not seem to get anywhere else.

Brian, New Jersey

I think you are one of the finest insurance agents we have ever had the privilege of working with.

Shelley, Minnesota

After having been turned down not once, but twice for coverage, you went to bat for us with the insurance company and not only got us covered, but at a lower rate than we ever expected!!

Kim and Joe, South Carolina

Steve is the way to go if you want to buy life insurance effectively and online, all without a hassle.

J., Florida

Steve provides the highest level of service. He’s totally dedicated to getting results for his client.

Jim, Massachusetts

This transaction was seamless and your actions demonstratively professional!

D., California

Steve Kobrin went the extra mile to help me obtain life insurance coverage when no other agent would try.

Neil, Massachusetts

You far exceeded my expectations. I got a better policy than I thought possible, at a better rate than I would have believed.

Linda, Ohio

Steve Kobrin saved me almost $2,000 a year with the same coverage.

Pete, New Jersey

Where other agents had no interest in pursuing a policy for me due to a pre-existing condition, you went the extra mile to not only find a policy, but get me a great value.

Judy, Kentucky

Other insurance brokers we have used in the past were not as helpful, agreeable or as knowledgeable as you.

Rose, New Jersey

Your level of service and professionalism far exceeds the service I have seen from other insurance brokers I have worked with.

Alex, Florida


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