“Making Amends for My Time as a Bully.”

1486543461853At this point in my life and my career, it has become important to get a sense of direction. Where, exactly, am I headed? This is a very philosophical question. It boils down to: who have I been? Who am I becoming? What kind of person have I been? What kind of person am I becoming?

I think you can see that the answers to these questions have a direct bearing on our happiness and our success in life.

The Internet makes it possible for us to find answers in conjunction with men and women across the globe. There are many, many fine people and organizations helping others take charge of their life story.

One such group is Lightmakers. They were recently kind enough to give me an opportunity to share an installment of my own personal journey. It is published here and is called “Making Amends for My Time as a Bully.”

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