Does Life Insurance Cover Acts of Terror?

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By Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF

Insurance companies inevitably have a role to play during times of war. People tragically die, and get hurt. Property gets destroyed. Business is interrupted. Once people get through the grief and terror, they need to move on. They need money. Bills have to get paid. They need to know the insurance company will come through for them and pay every dollar of the benefit deserved. And quickly.

Under the terms of the ordinary life insurance contract that you and I have, war is not excluded. Neither are acts of terror. So yes, the beneficiaries of those poor victims in France, and for that matter in America, Israel, India, and all over the world, should get their insurance payout.

That money certainly will not compensate for their loss, nor will it bring justice to the perpetrators. But it will help them keep their lives stable, and to move on as they can.

It must be noted that some people do have life insurance policies with exclusions. These exclusions can include acts of war and terror. These policies are typically issued by excess-market carriers to people whose occupation or lifestyle could expose them to such hazards. One example could be an engineer who works for a construction company that operates in war zones.

But these people, and their families, know upfront they might not get paid. For the rest of us folks who have policies with no exclusions, one cause of claim is as good as the other. That’s a small consolation when tragedy strikes, but it is nonetheless good to know the money will be there.

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