“I Am a White, American, Male Millionaire. How Do I Make People Not Hate Me?”


Successful people have many problems. One would think that in becoming a millionaire, the worst would be over. Unfortunately, for some people the trouble is only beginning.

These days, one of the big problems is being hated! Can you imagine?

Here is how one millionaire put it on Quora:

I am a white, American male who is a millionaire. How do I make people not hate me?

I wanted to expand on this. People hate me who don’t know me. As a white male, I am now “Privileged”, and apparently get everything handed to me. As a millionaire, I am a tax evader, even though I pay more money in taxes in one year than the average person will pay in their entire lifetime. People seem to think that I sold my soul (or their’s actually) to get to where I am. I constantly hear that people are poor and suffering and struggling because of me and the things that I do (re make money). I feel like the people in America want to burn me at the stake instead of viewing me as a success story of what is possible in America.

This is how I tried to help him.

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