How You Can Be Guaranteed $10 Million

3118141751_0cef0d9be1The saying is that death and taxes are the only guarantees in life. But you really can add life insurance to that list. Here’s why:

It’s the only insurance claim you will definitely file

You can buy many different types of insurance. But in every case – except one – you have no guarantee of filing a claim. You can buy medical insurance, but you may never get sick. You can buy disability insurance, but you may never be unable to work. You can buy professional liability insurance, but you may never get sued. You can buy auto insurance, but you may never have a car accident. You can buy homeowners insurance, but you may never have a fire.

You can buy life insurance. And you know what? You know you will die, so you know a claim will be filed – as long as you keep the policy in force.

Life insurance companies are reliable

Most certainly, you must pick your carriers wisely. There have been companies that have had problems. Yet in many cases, the industry took care of its own, and other companies picked up their obligations. Today, the market is full of strong companies with good financials, a good record of paying claims, and no bad press. And, there are a number of early warning systems in place to detect potential issues. These include rating agencies and other financial analysis firms.

If you financially qualify, big benefits can be yours

The amount of money a life insurance company will pay your beneficiaries is determined primarily through financial underwriting. Your need for the coverage, your ability to pay, and your overall value to the beneficiary are all assessed. If you qualify, you can leave your family, your business, and your favorite charity a huge amount of money. $10 million? For sure. I’ve seen much higher. If you qualify for a smaller amount, they will make that happen as well.

A sure way to guarantee a legacy – with discounted dollars

Do you want to guarantee your heirs a financial future? Do you want to be sure a certain amount of money will definitely be paid to them when it is needed? That is what life insurance does. And it does so for only pennies on the dollar. Every dollar of premium costs just a few cents.

A small price to pay for a guarantee.

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