Help! My Term Insurance Has Renewed at a Ridiculous Rate!

I feel your pain. And I understand.

Back when you first started a family and bought a house, your chief concern was price. Lots of things to spend money on. Your life insurance should be as cheap as possible.

So you bought low-cost term. 15-year, maybe 20.

Now two of your kids are still financially dependent on you. The mortgage is not yet paid up. You still need life insurance. Your term policy has renewed, and the renewal premium is CRAZY HIGH!!

It happens all the time. And it happens for any number of reasons. Perhaps the carrier is concerned about its reserves. Or the availability of credit. So they need infusions of cash from those policyholders who will stay with them.

Or perhaps they want to back out of that marketplace and drive people away. Maybe they are being acquired by another company with different underwriting priorities.

Either way, they will renew your coverage, but only at that higher price. But don’t worry. In all likelihood, you do have options.

Get prequalified and see what kind of numbers are out there for you. Give some good thought as to how much longer you might need coverage. Give serious consideration to a permanent product so you don’t have to go through this kind of scare again. Obviously, you won’t replace the current policy until you have been approved for a better one.

Such is the nature of the beast when you buy low-cost term insurance. If you need the coverage past the guarantee period, it can morph into high-cost term insurance!

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