Have You Been Able to Face Your Own Death?

Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, Alaska

Life insurance is one creepy product. It pays out when you die.

Nobody likes to think about that. Nobody especially likes to think about the financial distress their death may cause their family or business.

People who have a serious medical condition often have an ultra-hard time thinking about death. It is hard enough to deal with the stress, the strain, the symptoms, the exams, and the extra cost of tests and treatments. Who wants to think about this all going to a lost cause and failing to prevent an early demise?

To make matters worse, physicians often downplay the seriousness of the prognosis. What physician really wants to give a dismal report? It is much easier to be overly optimistic and leave your patient believing in the virtual impossible.

The fact of the matter is that serious medical conditions unfortunately can make death more likely. It can come much sooner then the 120-year lifespan we all would like to have :(. Not only that: even for people in perfect health, death can be right around the corner. Undetected medical conditions, such as aneurysms. Drunk drivers. Freak accidents. Household fires. Car crashes. Street violence. Terrorism. There is so much that can happen to us..

How can people wake up and face their mortality right in the eye? How can people face the fact that today could be their final day on this earth? How can people accept the fact that they may have higher-risk factors that make their mortality a higher probability than those who do not have those factors?

Have you done this? Have you been able to accept that death is part of life? Please tell me how you have done it. Let me know the thought train you followed. Also please share how it has helped you make the tough but important decisions in your life – such as buying life insurance.

I am sure many people will be inspired by your brave tale. Thank you.

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