Has Your Success Been Worth the Pain?

screen-shot-2015-08-29-at-1-58-13-pmSometimes readers on Quora floor you with their great questions. This one really excited me:

Has the success that you have experienced in your life been worth the pain, struggle and sacrifice involved?
When you look back on the successful outcomes in your life, was it worth the pain?

I suppose that this might come across as a bit of a “vague” query devoid of any real detail, but I’d like to leave this question as “open” as possible not only to be welcoming, but also to obtain the maximum amount of variety in the answers presented.

The term “success” is open for interpretation. It could mean anything, as long as it means something to YOU.

Provocative, don’t you think? Really gets to the heart of the matter. Here is my answer.

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