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I believe that a life insurance quote should be “bankable.” The rate quoted should be the rate at which you are approved.

In order to deliver such a life insurance quote to my clients, I guide them through the prequalification process. Together, we identify all the various underwriting challenges and factors, so that the information I give to the underwriters on their behalf is as thorough and accurate as can be.

I look at a request for a life insurance quote as the first step on that journey together. At the end of the trip, we’ll have a carrier’s commitment to a premium that is both competitive and reliable. All of my clients have found that prequalification gave them a high degree of comfort and confidence while shopping around for a life insurance quote – and that’s what I’m here for.

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  • What are your current life insurance needs?

    (Please answer all questions below)
  • Life insurance can provide money for every one of our financial needs, obligations, and dreams. Some of these relate to our family. Others relate to our business. Still others can relate to our estate, and to the charitable organizations we support.

    If there are various reasons for why you want life insurance, please select the primary reason above and tell us about the rest in the comments box below. If need be, we can arrange for you to have a number of separate policies.
  • Price is always a factor with people. This question helps identify whether you are thinking about short-term expenditures, or the total expense over the long run. It also indicates the time period for which you want the coverage in force.

    Don’t answer this question with any preconceived notions about what product would be most appropriate for you. Once we identify your needs, obligations, dreams, and other factors, the selection of product will be easy.
  • The amount of coverage you want to purchase it is important to know for a number of reasons. It gives us insight into your thinking about the extent to which you want to provide for your beneficiary. Do you want to provide just the amount needed? Or do you want to provide enough to include a buffer? Maybe you even want to be generous and really take care of people!


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