Do You Have Breathing Room?

imagesTTJMGXIGYou know that old John Lennon saying, “Life is what happens as you’re making plans?” I think it is true. Being true for all of life, it is certainly true for life insurance planning.

We like to tell ourselves that at some point in life, we will be all set. The mortgage will be paid off. The kids will be out of the house. No more dependents. No more obligations.

So when it comes to buying life insurance for family protection, we think we should need coverage for a set amount of time. After that, we can drop the policy.

But that can be cutting it close. Too close. Many things can happen when it comes to family life. One (or more!) of your children may end up staying at home longer than anticipated. You may have to refinance your home for unforeseen expenses. The parents of you or your spouse may unfortunately become infirm, and dependent on you to pay for their care. Things happen.

For all these reasons, it is wise to give yourself a little breathing room when it comes to life insurance planning. Don’t try to plan an exact timetable for the end of coverage. Make sure your policy continues a number of years past when you expect the need for coverage to end.

This way, in case you do need coverage longer than anticipated, you will have it. You can avoid the extra cost of buying a new policy at an older age. Plus, you cannot always bank on being insurable.

Giving yourself a little breathing room when protecting your family with life insurance can help your spouse, kids, and parents, and also your wallet.

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