A Life’s Mission: Protection


Steve’s life has been dedicated to protection. Growing up on the streets of New York City, he constantly protected himself and his friends from the local bullies and street toughs. This commitment to self-defense has evolved into a dedication to martial arts training, and activism within his community on safety and security matters.

Security for financial dependents

It’s no wonder that he eventually chose the profession of insurance sales, helping many others protect the financial interests of their families, estates, and businesses.

These principles, along with the religious upbringing his family gave him, has served as the bedrock of his business career. They are the foundation of both his insurance brokerage, the Kobrin Agency Inc., and now the Global Insurance Portal.  

The Protection of Client Interests

In 1998, Steve founded The Kobrin Agency Inc., an independent insurance brokerage based in New Jersey.  Steve can service clients in all 50 states through wholesale affiliations and has the capability of handling virtually all types of life insurance underwriting risks.  The firm provides a level of service worthy of the Fortune 100 corporate community and is a pioneer in Prequalification, to assure an approval at the rate quoted. http://www.approvedasquoted.com   The practice of prequalification is designed to promote integrity in the purchase of a life insurance policy by ensuring an approval at the rate quoted.

Protection on a Global Basis

In 2018, the Global Insurance Portal was founded and facilitated by Steven H Kobrin. It is an innovative insurance distribution outlet that provides access to a vast network of insurance providers, business owners, executives, high net worth and ultra-high net worth men and men, advisory firms, and corporations can obtain virtually all the insurance policies they need from one source – on a global basis.

Protection of American Values

In 1980 Steve graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey, earning a BA in Environmental Studies. His primary focus was the protection of our “cultural environment” – the Conservation ethic that ensures the proper use of the natural environment and resolving social issues through critical thinking, interdisciplinary problem-solving, and innovative studies. He formulated the ideals of stewardship, community activism, and business innovation – people at all levels of society working together to secure a better future for our children.

These principles also guide him as a thought leader on contemporary social, cultural, political, and economic issues. Steve says “I see it as my job to protect the religious values, capitalist system, and national identity of our country.”  

His posts and essays on Planrisklive, Quora, Investopedia are designed to provide the information and inspiration needed to counter any and all threats to our way of life.  

Steve was recently interviewed on a radio show that is committed to education for children by friend and colleague, George Bailey.  They discussed Steve’s childhood and career along with the message he would like to pass on to the upcoming generation of consumers of financial products.  You can access the link here.