2 Ways to Keep Your Slate in Life Clean

A clean slate in life is treasured by almost everybody. People across generations and across cultures have known the importance of a “fresh start.” Those who believe in “life after death” don’t want to take any excess baggage into the next world. Those who live  only for the present moment appreciate the benefit of a “do-over.”

How can you live and keep your slate clean? Here are two tips I can offer. They come from my experience both as a spiritual seeker, and as an insurance professional.

1. Treat every person as an equal.

Always remember that no one is better than you, and no one is worse than you. And make sure others remember that too.

Sure, your boss is your boss. Your assistant is your assistant. Your client is your client. Your waitress is your waitress. And your kid is your kid.

But these are all roles to play. Essentially, you are a person just like everyone else. You deserve equal treatment as a person. And everyone deserves equal treatment from you.

Bear this in mind and you will have as little unfinished business with people as possible.

2. Pay off your debts.

Loans can be vital to starting a business. Most entrepreneurs don’t have enough capital to self-invest. So the loan from the bank (or Uncle Harry) comes in handy.

Loans can also be necessary in tough times. A reserve fund is a financial must-have. If  the fund is insufficient when a crisis hits, then a helping hand keeps things status quo.

But when you take on a debt, prioritize paying it off. And don’t make debt a habit. It can become too easy to look to others when you should rely on yourself. Then you can become a resource for others!

This brings up life insurance. With sufficient coverage, you can make sure your heirs can pay off any lingering debts, expenses, and taxes due.

Plan your finances accordingly, and your estate will pass on with as few unfulfilled obligations as possible.

These two practices will leave you with that “clean and fresh” feeling. Do you have that? If not, what can you do to get it?


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