Team Building Through Small Business

Americans are extremely demoralized. The current administration has divided the country according to political ideology, economic status, gender, race, sexual preference, and citizenship. Congress has lost the confidence of its constituents. People are crying out for solid leadership.

Such a crisis affected the Hebrews in the desert thousands of years ago. Rabbi Sacks talks about it in his commentary on this week’s Bible portion. At that point the people were so desperate for leadership that they created a phony idol, a golden calf, to follow. Of course, all that did was aimlessly release their frustration and unchanneled passions.

Rabbi Sacks shows us how Moses got the people back on track. He gave them a building project: the construction of the portable tabernacle, or place of worship. He enabled them to channel their energies into a project that benefited all. They came together, gave generously of themselves, and produced a valuable social tool.

The politicians of today should take notice. We need building projects. We need “shovel-ready” construction projects. We also need to build the economy in so many other ways. Small business has driven American growth for centuries. Long before multinational corporations emerged, people were setting up mom-and-pop stores, and farms, and service businesses, and small companies to manufacture the stuff we need. Families worked together. People from local neighborhoods came together and led meaningful, productive lives.

The American “team” can be rebuilt through small business.

  • Daniel

    Really like the reference you made with Moses there. There are so many people who are disconnected from society, when we think back to the olden days people came together so well for many projects. Business’s are definitely a great way to do this.

    • Yes, indeed, Daniel. Do you think that both small business and big corporations can be equally effective at team building?

  • Erin

    I have made a few small business’s in the past with a team of a few and indeed it brought us much closer together. Building a business means building a team.

    • Glad to hear that, Erin. Did you find that one type of business lent itself more easily to team-bulding than the others?

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