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For professionals with venture-capital, private equity, merger
and acquisition, and corporate law firms, and family offices:

Insurance policies customized for corporate directors, officers, and executives.

You can indemnify your corporation against potential losses due to death, disability, legal and fiduciary misconduct, and public disgrace/adverse media exposure.

Customized asset protection plans for non-US citizens and residents.

You will receive expert assistance in preserving personal and business assets for wealth transfer, business continuation, legacy planning, and charitable giving.

Group insurance and voluntary benefits for small, medium and large businesses.

You can purchase all the policies you need for owners, executives and employees.

One-stop insurance shopping, on a global basis, to secure the assets and investments of your firm, and the firms of your portfolio clients.

You can purchase virtually all the insurance policies needed to cover directors, officers, executives, key personnel, plants, equipment, and all liabilities. Coverages are available for foreign corporations and executives, as well as those based in the US.

Concierge insurance brokerage and consulting services for estate and business planning.

You will receive high-end, personalized expert assistance in meeting all your insurance needs related to estate preservation, estate equalization, business planning, legacy planning, and charitable giving.

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