Fight for Your Dream

“Stop watching your dreams go down the drain!”

…so commands Eunice, a fiery 5th grader in Kibera, Kenya.

Eunice is no stranger to struggle, living in a city where jobs and money are scarce.

But she dreams of one day serving her community as a doctor and “will not waiver” from her dream.

For an eleven-year-old, Eunice packs a powerful punch with her spoken-word poem, “My Dream.”

Watch her recite it in this trailer for the upcoming PBS special based on the book “A Path Appears”:

This young champion-to-be is as good a motivational speaker as anyone I’ve seen – and I have been learning from human potential teachers for a long time.

Dreaming of People

Personally speaking, I spend a good portion of my days dreaming.

My dreams deal with people with whom I am involved, and how I relate to with them, and what I wish for them. I am a moment-to-moment kind of guy and like to visualize my next encounter with people.

Have I done anything wrong for which I need to make amends?

Can I be sure to be on my best behavior?

Am I focused on what I need to accomplish?

In a lot of ways, I think the life we have today is the manifestation of the dream we had yesterday.

Part of Their Dreams

One important note:

When we become involved with people, we become part of their dreams.

This is certainly true of family members, but it applies to people in our businesses as well. Just as they become key characters in our dreams, we become key characters in their dreams. Their “show” must “go on,” even when we must take our final bow.

That is why we buy life insurance for their benefit.

  • Elana Allen Amminadav

    Its interesting to consider how other people effect our dreams and how we become part of their dreams. Sometimes the smallest things we do can have a huge impact on other people dreams without us being aware of it. Even a stranger on the street can have a tremendous impact on how we see the world and they might not even be aware of how they effected us. How often might we be impacting other people without us ever knowing it.

    • I agree. I have had total strangers make remarks to me that made me think twice about what I was doing. It is as if they were sent by “Central Casting of the Universe” to play a walk-on role in the “play” of my life, in a brief but pivotal scene.

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