Building Community One Slice At a Time

There are some things that take place in this world that just bowl you over with their simple majesty.

This is one of them.

Mason Wartman left Wall Street to start Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia.

He put together this wild promotion:

You can walk into his shop and prepay a slice of pizza for a homeless person. It’ll cost you a dollar.

Then, a homeless person walks into redeem it.

And what do you think that homeless person will do once he has a change of luck and can afford a buck?

Shall we go ahead and list all the great things about this?

  • It shows how small business owners can have a huge impact on the quality of life in their community.
  • It shows how a simple act of caring can be quite cost-effective and at the same time empower people to help others.
  • And it shows how a small business man or woman can generate a heckuva lotta good will. Good for people, good for business.

What do you think of this idea?

Doesn’t it make you want to go right now to Philadelphia and buy yourself a slice from Mason – and another one for the guy in the street?

  • Gil Amminadav

    Yes! Two things I love the most about this idea: 1) food is better to give than money and 2) having some kind of “intermediary” between the giver and the recipient better preserves the recipient’s dignity, I think.

    • I agree. Using an intermediary does preserve the dignity of the recipient. Also, eating is such a social thing, so using food to create bonds between people make sense.

      Not only that: using pizza slices brings people in to the restaurant! That is good for business.

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