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For men and women purchasing insurance and annuities
to protect their family or family business:

Personalized purchasing assistance for individual life, disability, and long-term care insurance, and fixed annuities.

You will receive high-end, personalized sales assistance from a professional financial consultant, with access to virtually every company and product in the brokerage marketplace.​

Life insurance for men and women who represent a higher underwriting risk due to health, lifestyle, personal record, or other factors.

You can purchase a competitively-priced policy through a highly specialized “impaired risk” brokerage and consulting team.

Group insurance and voluntary benefits for small, medium and large businesses.

You can purchase all the policies you need for owners, executives and employees.

Concierge insurance brokerage and consulting services for estate and business planning.

You will receive high-end, personalized expert assistance in meeting all your insurance needs related to estate preservation, estate equalization, business planning, legacy planning, and charitable giving.

Personalized purchasing assistance for Medicare Supplements

You will receive high-end, personalized sales assistance from a specialist in these products with one of the nation’s leading brokerages in the senior insurance marketplace.

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